Friday, July 21, 2017

PTC sites to make money online ?

                      Make money online is growing trend now. Many peoples make millions of  dollars online. These peoples have some kind of technical skills about website building, internet marketing, website promotion,traffic generation and more like this. They use their skill to make money online and become successful.
                       But many people who has not have any specific skill are also try to make money online with simple works. To engage these people, there are so many sites on the net. Some of these sites are legit and paying, but many of them are scam. They are looted these people and goes away.
                       PTC sites are both. Some PTC sites are legit and paying and many of them are scam.

What is PTC sites--

                                 PTC mean pay to click site. These sites are advertising sites and pay people to click their client site and view advertisements. They are paying .01, .02, .001 or even .0001 dollar per click. So this is very difficult to make money to clicking on these sites. But some sites offer some other tools to make money to their visitors like small tasks, small surveys and referral programs.A person who use these tools and program carefully can make money to these sites. A person should know right strategy to use these tools, manly who invest some money at these sites or invest his valuable time. But if you are using a legit site, you can make money from these sites.

How to choose legit PTC sites --

                                                     There are no foolproof way to find that this site is legit or not. But their are some parameters to know about this to avoid scam. You should know online period of site that how many old this site. Scam sites are coming and going away. Second, go to some forums of PTC sites and read peoples posts about a particular site. But the first thing, beware of the sites witch offer big amount or heavy bonuses etc. Find out industry trend about rates and offers. Your knowledge is your safety. Do not trap in big announcements.

Use right strategy --

                                     Every PTC site has a unique model and same strategy for every site will not help you. Make a site specific strategy and follow it carefully. ( In coming posts, we will discuss these site specific strategies.).
Some legit PTC sites as of now ---
                                                        We are help you to choose some legit and Paying PTC sites as of now on the bases of their up to today behavior. You can register these sites.

#1  Clixsense Is no more a PTC site now . But this is the most trusted and legit site now. This is paying and online since 2007.


#Now #1 PTC site on net is Neobux. This second most trusted site on net. Even some people given this #1. this is paying and online since 9 Years. You can register this by clicking on this.


#3 PTC site on net is Scarlet click. This is fast growing site and become popular. This is also paying and online since 2008.


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