Saturday, July 22, 2017

Neobux -- The #1 pay-to-click site beyond doubt.


   Before July 17, there was a difference of opinion among pay-to-click site users about #1 pay-to-click site between Clixsense and Neobux. But after July 17, when Clixsense is no more a pay-to-click site, there are no difference of opinion and Neobux is #1 pay-to-click site now. It is a big site and paying regularly. To imagine about Neobux, you have to know that yesterday it had 10992 new users, and paid $ 1,38,419-00 to his users in a single day according the data shows on this site, It has a huge user base and most trusted site on the net.

Multi-pal scheme to earn-

                  Neobux has multi-pal opportunity to earn money. Neobux is free to register and you can earn without investing a single dime. You can earn money to view advertisement, taking surveys,and completing small tasks. You can earn money to refer your friends.

Ranted referrals --  

                                  Neobux is the first pay-to-click site on the net who introduce ranted referral scheme to earn regular passive income even if you not have direct referrals. Peoples make huge money from ranted referrals. If you have a right strategy, you can make money. ( The right strategy to make money from ranted referrals will discussing in coming posts.) A standard member can have 300 ranted referrals. After upgrade your membership, the quantity of ranted referrals will increase in thousands according different membership plans. 

Why are you waiting -

                                      If you are searching a legit, paying and trusted pay-to-click site, than why are you waiting. You can register it to
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