Saturday, July 22, 2017

Clixsense - After new make-over


Clixsense is no more a pay-to-click site. After its July 17, 2017 notification, it has a new make-over. Now view-advertisement and clixgrid button disappear from its home page. In this new make-over, Clixsense become survey site and the site have more small tasks. Many people disappointed about this change .But if we review this change as a common member, this is more attractive and have more opportunity to make money.


                  Now there are more surveys to respond. If you are taking only one survey per day, than you can earn more than clicking ads before. This is a win win situation for every one. You can earn more money and have more fun. To qualify for more survey, you can update your profile regularly.  No one try to force to qualify by giving wrong answers and changing them . The companies, who are paying you to these surveys are collect data to build strategy and develop products for market. The want honest answer from you and paying you for your participation. So, this is a duty of participant to answer these questions honestly. If you are ethical and honest, than chance for qualify for more surveys increase. You can earn money as per your demographic region and according the time you have invest.

Crowd-Flower Task-   

                                This is another feature to earn money from Clixsense. The lot of task are there to working with and earn money. If you have some knowledge about internet and websites, you can earn lot of money. You can see that many people earn a sizable amount from Crowd-Flower tasks. If you have take the same time that you have taking on Clixgrid before, than you can earn more money now.

Another Offers-

                              There are many more offers continues as before. You can be regular to these offers. So there are nothing to worry about and keep earning .

                                      You can Register Here for Clixsense Free  

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