Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Adpackshare -- The Paypal approved business model

                 There are very few online money making sites are approved by Paypal. Even some very high trusted and paying site are facing problem with Paypal and shift to other payment processor.  A site witch have Paypal approval considered a legit site. Paypal withdraw approval from PTC sites. But Adpackshare business model is approved by Paypal.

What is Adpackshare --

                                       Adpackshare is a advertising company who provide revenue share to its members. It si a combination of PTC and revenue share portal. A person, who purchase a Adpack is getting a share of revenue earned by the company. For a standard member who is not upgrade his membership can earn approx 5% daily. A standard member of Adpackshare, who bought a $10 pack, get approx $13 after one month period. It is a fare growth. Adpackshare also participating in forex trading, Crypto Currency Trading with advertising business.

As a PTC --

                       Adpackshare also provide pay-to-click advertising offer and clicking earning also. Even Adpackshare give a high rate comparative other sites.

Free to Register --

                                 It is free to register and to buy a standard Adpack no requirement of upgrading your membership.

Payment Processors --

                                    Yes, they have many payment processors along with Paypal, like Payza and many more. So you can use any of them.

Advertise with earning --

                                          Adpackshare giving you advertisement credits along with revenue share. You can advertise your link or website with earning.

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