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Pay-To-Click Sites Strategy -- Referrals are the Key to Make Money

This is not possible to make money from PTC sites without referrals. Only clicking ads on several sites earn few cents. It is not enough to pay even your internet bill. A person start clicking on several sites to make money depress after some days and stop. A large number of people join and stop these sites every day.

                    To make money from PTC sites, you have to know the right strategy and implement it carefully. The basic thing to make a good money from PTC sites is referrals. If you have not good quantity of referrals, you can not make money. Referrals are two type, direct referrals and ranted referrals. If you have knowledge to get direct referrals that is good. But if you have no knowledge or time to spend on referrals than you have to take them on rant. There are so many sites who rant referrals to their members. But it require money. And so many sites are scam and go away with your money. So be careful before invest in these PTC sites.

How to choose legit PTC Sites ---

                                                       This is a billion dollar question. No 100% right answer for this question. A PTC site who is paying since one or two year may be a scam. But some parameters are also there to choose legit sites. Many forums and stuff available on the net to assess a PTC site. The basic thing is that, focus on one,two or maximum three sites and not register so many sites. Keep your eyes on their working and focus on your strategy. We are advise some legit sites that are paying since 8 to 10 years. Like
Image result for neobux image
Rank #1 PTC site


Image result for scarlet clicks image
Rank #2 PTC site


Image result for gptplanet image
Rank #3 PTC site

3. GPTPlanet

Image result for grandbux image
Rank #4 PTC site


                 These sites are paying from a long period regularly. And these sites also rant referrals. Neobux rant a referral at the cost of $ 0.20 for a month and Scarlrt-Clicks rant at $ 0.15 for a month. Now decide the strategy to get referrals and make money.

Ranted Referral Strategy --

                                            If you can not invest a small amount like $2 to $5, than you have to register these sites and start clicking every ads available. Use other available methods also like surveys, small tasks, PTSU, and Adprize etc. Take time to earn $ 0.60 on Neobux and $ 0.75 on Scarlet-clicks. Once you reach at this point than get three referrals on Neobux. Start from these three referrals and clicking everyday to earn some more money. These referrals clicking on their site and you get credit from their clicks.
                                           Now use your earning to rant more referrals. When you have $ 0.60 balance in your accounts, get another three referrals. Keep this strategy to the end and when you have 200-300 referrals than upgrade your account from your balance for a year. It will double your earning. When you have a upgrade Golden account and 300 referrals in your account than you have earn a good money.
                                      Another way is this that invest a small money $ 5 and start with 25 referrals. After rant 25 referrals keep the above strategy and you will earn a good money in less time. This is up to you how to start. You can apply this same strategy on other sites also.

Keep watching your referrals --

                                                   After getting referrals on rant, keep watching your referrals regularly. First thing to do is enable Auto Pay. This is a button on the left side top of your referrals list. After this check every referrals if they are clicking or not. If a referral not click continuous five days than recycle it at a small cost of 6-7 cents. Do not recycle your referral before five days. Than after 15 days check average clicks of referrals, if they are below 1 click recycle it also. after 30 days whitch referral,s average is below 1.5, than let him expire and rant new referrals.  

Read term and conditions carefully --

                                          When you register a PTC site than read their term and condition carefully, because there are so many things to follow. If you are not clicking there minimum ads than you can not get credit from your referrals next day. Another thing that is more important is that you can not use same computer or IP address fro two accounts. Do not register another account in name of your other household. This is not allowed and your account may be deleted ant you have lost your money. Do not try to bullying them. They have better technology to trace these things. Do not use proxy server. So be careful and read terms and conditions carefully and follow them. 

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